Wet ‘n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel

Gel nail polish is still all the rage, but consumers have made it clear that the vast majority want gel polishes that do not require expensive UV light to set the polish. Many drugstore and prestige brands have responded!

Today, I want to highlight a new product: Wet ‘n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel

1 step wonder gel
Shade: 723A It’s Sher-Bert Day!

These new gel nail polishes do not require a UV light to set the polish. The price is $4.99, which isn’t bad for nail polish, but it is a lot higher than I’m used to paying for a product by Wet ‘n Wild. The allure of gel nail polish is that it is supposed to last much longer than traditional nail polish without chipping. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see much difference between this nail polish and traditional nail polish.

The first manicure I did was just this nail polish with no base coat or top coat. It took two coats of the polish to get the right coverage. It went on a bit streaky, but it dried quickly and looked better once it was dry. With just this gel polish, my nails chipped the next day. I do work in a library, so the atmosphere is dry and I work with my hands a lot, but I was still disappointed.

finished wonder gel
Two coats plus a top coat! 

I used the nail polish again, but this time I included a base coat and a layer of top coat. This manicure lasted about three days before I noticed any chips. That’s better than the first manicure, but it isn’t really any better than using a traditional nail polish with a base coat and top coat.

Is it worth buying? I guess that depends on what you’re looking for. These polishes are inexpensive and there is a fun range of colors. They remove easily with standard nail polish remover. If you aren’t looking for lasting power because you change up your polish multiple times a week, then these are a nice option.


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