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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

I was so excited to hear that the acclaimed Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is finally available in the United States! So many magazines, including my very favorite Allure, have touted this as one of the best new foundations for covering up flaws, especially acne-prone skin. I just had to try it! But there was a problem … this product was not available in any store near Cincinnati, so I had to guess at which shade I am. I do not advise this. However, Charlotte Tilbury’s website does include excellent descriptions of each shade and which skin tone and undertone it should go with. There are also pictures of people wearing each shade, which was very helpful.

magic 1
Beautiful packaging 

I chose shade number 3 because I have fair/light skin with cool undertones. And then I waited for a week for it to be shipped to my apartment. While I waited, I’m certain that I irritated my boyfriend, friends, family members, coworkers, and a few kind-looking strangers with my anxiety. I really wanted this $44 foundation to be perfect and the right shade for my skin. I could not stop talking about it. Finally, it arrived and I raced to put a swatch on my hand. I was struck with instant disappointment (see image below) because it had a weird thick texture and looked orangey … but then I blended and the magic happened.

magic 2
Before blending! The magic hasn’t started yet! 

I have no idea how this foundation does it, but the texture even seems to change with the color as it blends into the skin. It covers and smooths EVERYTHING! My skin looks luminous and poreless with this foundation. It actually covers all my acne without looking cakey, and it doesn’t flake off or rub off during the day. This foundation was worth every single penny and the week of increased anxiety!

magic 3
After blending! Where did my hand pores go???

So, should you buy it?

Cons: While I think it is worth the cost and is superior to every cheaper foundation I’ve tried, some people are not able or willing to pay $44 for a foundation. Also, the coverage is medium to full, so this is not the foundation for you if you are looking for something sheer or light.

Pros: This foundation really does cover up flaws and lasts all day. It blends well and looks incredibly natural. Also, this comes in 15 different shades, so there is a perfect shade for everyone (although, as always, I do recommend testing the shades before purchasing). After wearing this foundation every day for over a week, my skin actually feels softer and my acne has cleared up a bit. I haven’t had any other changes to my skincare or makeup routine, so I’m hoping I can contribute this to the foundation! Finally, this product has SPF 15, which is always an important factor no matter the season.

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with this foundation, and I plan on repurchasing this one again and again!



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