Jamberry Nail Wraps

Are you looking for a nail look with zero dry time? You might be interested in Jamberry nail wraps. About a year and a half ago, a friend invited me to a Jamberry party. I was intrigued, and I ended up buying several sheets of this product. Essentially Jamberry nail wraps are stickers that you can heat with a blow dryer and then stick on to your nails. They are supposed to last for up to two weeks before chipping.

Please, focus on the cute nails and not my chubby toes!

There are literally hundreds of colors and patterns. The selection is really great. The wraps are usually $15, although some of the limited-edition ones may be more expensive. This price gets you two sets of stickers in one package. This equals either one manicure and one pedicure or two manicures or two pedicures.

So, should you buy it? 

Pros: These stickers do last quite a while. I can go two (or sometimes three) weeks before changing my pedicure. Also, the various patterns that are available are just awesome. I know that inevitably someone will notice an admire these! Also, since you get two sets per package, it’s only about $7.50 for a pedicure that can last me nearly three weeks. I don’t think this is too bad for the price, although I don’t think it would be worth the expense to do this all the time.

Cons: While this product does have many sizes per sheet, these just do not work for my fingernails. My fingernails are too small, so I have only been able to use these for my toe nails. Also, while these don’t have any dry time because they’re stickers, these are still not a quick fix because it takes time to apply them correctly. You have to trim the stickers, heat and smooth them several times, and then file them down to the perfect length. I honestly think that painting my nails with a quick-drying polish would be faster, although it may not last for as many weeks as these do in the end.

Overall, I think this is a fun product. However, if you are someone who likes to change up your look weekly or more often, this product is probably not a cost-effective choice for you.

Well, that concludes this post. Tonight, I’m going to my local Sephora because I subscribe to their Play! Beauty Box and they are having a “Play! Date” event for their subscribers. I’m really curious about what will happen, so stay tuned for an update later this week about that event!


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