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Too Faced Melted Lipstick

The absolute worst thing about long-wearing lipsticks is that they are overly drying. Currently, I’m embarking on a quest to find lasting products that do not dry my lips and make me look like a wrinkled glamorous zombie. Right now, I’ve been wearing and enjoying the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick. I’m not certain if this product has won an award for having the longest possible name, but it very well might.

too faced melted lipstick
So pretty, but this color was discontinued 😦

The product squeezes out like a gloss, but it is definitely a lipstick in texture. It is pretty matte and it really only takes one swipe for you to get an intense amount of color. It’s priced at $21 a tube, which isn’t bad if you’re used to buying lip products at Sephora. And, honestly, this blows away every long-wearing lipstick I’ve ever tried at a drugstore, and those can often be $14-$16 dollars anyway. So, I do think it is worth the Sephora splurge.

So, should you buy it?

Pros: While it is a little drying, it is not nearly as drying as most long-wear lipsticks. It does last for many hours. I have worn this to work and have sipped lots of water with minimal product transfer on my cup. I did have to reapply after eating lunch, but there was still a hint of color before I reapplied. Also, the coverage was incredible. I loved that it was so easy to apply evenly and it dried really quickly. I did not use a lip liner, but it never did migrate away from my lip line.

Cons: I love a bold a lip, and this product delivers! However, this will definitely scare some people aware because it is not buildable and cannot be applied lightly with a light hand. When you apply this product, it is intense and bold. If you’re looking for a more demure, muted look, this product is not for you. Also, I noticed that as it wore away, the color did not fade evenly. There was a patch of more concentrated color on the inner portion of my lower lip which looked a little weird although I’m not sure it was all that noticeable to others. I probably could have prevented this by reapplying more than just once throughout the day, but that would have defeated the purpose of having a long-wear lipstick which is supposed to last all day!

Overall, I really like this product, and since they’ve discontinued the one color I own and love, I think I’ll have to purchase some more shades. I’m thinking about buying the shade “Melted Jelly Donut” because I think that is the closest to the one I own (see picture above). If you love a bold lip, give this product a try!

Update: I went to Sephora’s Play! Date at the Kenwood mall on Wednesday night. It was so much fun! I got to meet some cool fellow beauty junkies and some really nice employees (shout out to Christoper, Greg, and Lacey – you guys were great!)


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