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Clinique Almost Lipstick

I feel like I talk a lot about vibrant, long-wearing lipsticks, but I know that’s just not what everyone is looking for. There are often times when people just want a very sheer bit of color – something demure but noticeable. One product I really like when I want just a little color is Clinique Almost Lipstick. It is available from Sephora for $17.

This shade has been discontinued! 

 Clinique has undergone many product changes over the past two years, and there are now only two shades of this currently available, but they are nearly universally flattering in berry and pink. The picture I posted above is one of the discontinued shades, but I wanted to include it so you could see how light the color appears on my hand. It is a very sheer product!

So, should you buy it?

Pros: This has a nice hint of color for those looking for something sheer. It has a shiny, glossy finish. The tube is incredibly skinny and should fit in literally any tiny handbag or pocket without looking bulky. Also, it is very moisturizing.

Cons: It only comes in two shades at this point – berry and pink. This is pretty limiting. Also, the coverage is not buildable, so it is not very versatile. It can only produce a sheer finish.

Overall, I like this product. It’s a pretty good price and the tube will last a very long time. This is a great addition to a natural-looking makeup day or a low-maintenance routing, but stay tuned to this blog for more suggestions for tinted balms with more available shades.


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