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Rimmel Provocalips 

Wedding and picnic season is upon us, and so begins the hours of outdoor events without easy access to bathrooms for our lip touch-up needs. I’m going to be completely honest here – I typically hate long-wear lipsticks. If the color needs to be sold alongside a topcoat, then I am almost certain that I am going to hate the product because my lips are going to be insanely dry by the end of the day. However, I watched a great review of the Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Colour, and I just had to see how it worked for myself.

Above are the four shades that I purchased. From top to bottom: Dare to Pink, I’ll Call You, Little Minx, and Kiss Me You Fool. They retail at the drugstore for $6.99, but they also always seem to be buy one get one half off!

Each tube comes with two doe foot applicators. One for the color and one for the sheer topcoat. The formula on this product applies very easily and goes on easily to the lips. It is opaque with just one coat but then it does take a bit of time for the color to dry. The topcoat should not be applied until the color is completely dry.

I have tested each of the shades, and the formula seems about the same for each color, which is nice. I hate when I love one shade but then I buy a darker shade and it lacks the same opacity or ease of use. I’ve found that a thin layer of color is the key to getting the color to last all day. If you apply too much color, the odds of it peeling off seem to increase. The topcoat will need to be reapplied every so often either way, but you can also use any sort of balm/clear gloss in its place if you desire.

There are two things that set this product apart from other long-wear lipsticks, and these are the reasons I actually want to use these products. First, these colors are not matte! Even once the topcoat has faded, there is still a substantial amount of shine. Second, these products do not dry out the lips as much as most long-wear lipsticks. Yes, my lips are noticeably dryer by the end of the day, but it’s not an unmanageable or gross amount of dryness. It’s dry enough that I wouldn’t want to wear these several days in a row, but it’s still just so much better than most long-wear lipsticks. So, if you have a special event coming up and you need a product that stands a chance at actually lasting all day long, give these a try!


Eucerin Daily Protection Body Lotion 

It feels like summer if here! Today in Cincinnati, it is nearly 90 degrees!!! As last weekend’s trip to King’s Island reminded me, SPF is more crucial now than ever. (Yes, my nose is still sunburned but thankfully exfoliation has eliminated peeling). To be honest, SPF should really be applied to all exposed skin if someone is going outside, despite the season. I’ve found that the easiest way for me to remember to apply this to my body is to have it included in my morning lotion. That’s why I love using Eucerin Daily Protection Body Lotion.

This lotion contains SPF 15, which is a relatively low amount but it’s enough for small ventures outdoors. You’re definitely going to need to reapply or use an additional sunscreen if you’re going outside for the entire day though. It does smell faintly of sunscreen but the scent fades very quickly.

The texture of this lotion is pretty thin and watery, which is what I prefer in the morning because it seems to dry so quickly. Also, this one is available at nearly any drugstore or grocery story and it is very affordable. Prices may vary by store, but it seems to retail for between $8-12. That’s a great deal for 16.9 oz. Eucerin is also a really great brand for sensitive skin. Their products are very gentle and I feel like their lotions even improve the texture of my skin. I used to spend an unfortunate amount of money on expensive lotions, but I’ve realized that the affordable Eucerin lotions are just as good or better than the ones I’ve used from L’Occitane, Clinique, and Bliss. For my standard, unscented lotions, the Eucerin brand is the one I’m going to be reaching for from now on.

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Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder

One beauty product staple that I dislike are those little disposable blotting papers. I just don’t like touching them, and I don’t think the grease that transfers on them. I know that is absolutely the point, but I just wanted to find something that would do the same thing when I get oily without me needing these disposable papers that I hate finding crumpled and gross at the bottom of my handbag. Thankfully, I found a great product at Sephora: Urban Decay’s De-Slick Mattifying Powder.

Adorable packaging!!!

 This compact is $32, but it is sure to last quite a while. I’ve been using it for a few months, and there is no pan in sight. A teeny amount of product goes a long way, and I even like the small sponge applicator that came with the product. I think this is the first time I’ve actually kept an applicator instead of throwing it away and carrying a separate travel brush with me.

Translucent with Lavender Tint


 This only comes in one translucent shade. It looks very white in this picture. It looks white in person too, but in person you can also see that there is a bit of a lavender tint with it as well. This is great for brightening the complexion!

I must say that this product is just really amazing. It is a very finely milled powder, and it does not leave a trace on my skin. It doesn’t wash me out at all. It doesn’t even look like I’ve used a powder on my face. I bet that I could use this on makeup-free oily skin and you still wouldn’t detect it at all. This is just amazing because most translucent pressed powders that are this shade are actually very noticeable unless you blend really well. And sometimes the vigorous blending can make any concealing you did kind of disappear. This powder, however, can be literally blotted on the skin with the sponge applicator. It eliminates any trace of oil on the skin and it is absolutely invisible. This is just such a great alternative to blotting papers or tinted powders, and I will for sure be purchasing this one over and over again!

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Dior Addict Lip Maximizer 

I am obsessed with Dior products, so I was really thrilled to see the 500 point perk offered by Sephora which contained several cult-classic Dior items. I immediately placed an order so I could get it! I was most excited to receive and review the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume Lip Plumper

Comically tiny sample! 

 When I received my package in the mail, I immediately burst out in laughter at the sight of the teeny tiny sample tube I received of this product. I know it’s an expensive product, but I feel like the size was a bit stingy. Just look at my thumbnail to get a sense of how small this thing was! That being said, I’ve managed to get a lot of use out of this product. That’s nice to know because the full-size version of this product is $33 for 0.2 oz.

This product claims to plump your pout with lots of volume and shine. The collagen in the product is also supposed to make the lips poutier over time and should fill in those little lines that lips get when they are dry or aging. Most plumping glosses really sting when you apply them, and this one was a pleasant change. There is a little bit of a tingle initially, but it is very manageable. Also, it smells wonderful – like vanilla and mint combined.

My lips are pretty pouty to begin with, so maybe there would be more of a difference if someone with thin lips used this products. As it was, I liked the sheer pink glossy look that it gave my lips, but it didn’t seem revolutionary. There are lots of cheaper sheer pink lip glosses that make my lips look this exact same way.

After using this product pretty much constantly for a week (and you know what, I still have some left, so maybe I shouldn’t have made fun of its size so much) I really didn’t see any difference with my lips. If anything, they might have felt a little drier than usual. They did not look fuller.

It’s a nice product, but I don’t think it is worth $33 for what it does. There are lots of better glosses out there, and there are better plumpers out there too. Still, I do love Dior and if you want to buy this product because you’re a die-hard Dior lover like me, there’s nothing wrong with this product so go right ahead!

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Sunday Riley Good Genes 

First of all, I’d like to start this blog post by saying that I have never been so happy to dislike a product, but more of that to come…

I received a sample of Sunday Riley’s Good Genes in my last Play! box from Sephora. The Sunday Riley brand has a huge cult following right now. Skincare addicts of all sorts are absolutely obsessed with this brand, and I was so happy to see this was in my Play! box so that I could see what all the hype was about!

Is the cult following wrong?

This product is supposed to be a powerhouse in the skincare world. It claims to be anti-aging while fading dark spots. I was excited to try this product because AHA acids (like lactic acid – a main ingredient in this product) are supposed to be great for fading and filling in acne scars. I, unfortunately, have quite a few acne scars on my face, and I’m desperate for them to disappear.

I said earlier that I was so glad that this product didn’t work for me. That is because it is $105 for just 1 oz of product. That is really expensive, and it does not fit comfortably in my skincare budget. So, I was just a little pleased when I experienced an unpleasant stinging sensation each time I put this on my face. I was also just a little excited to see clusters of red bumps and a few zits on my chin and cheeks the day after using this product. I tried it on four occasions and each morning, my skin looked worse.

Now, this may still be an amazing product for some. I’m sure there’s a reason this product and brand have such a huge following. I think the most likely scenario is that this is made for skin that is more mature than my own. Still, $105 for 1 oz of product is hefty for most budgets. I’m just afraid that had this been the miracle product I’ve been looking for, I would have given up other things (like food and extra lipstick) in order to buy a steady supply. My wallet and fiance are both very glad I dodged that bullet!

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What Is Wrong With Me? 

I was going through my makeup and skincare to see what I wanted to review and blog about. It was a lot of fun. I found old favorites I haven’t used in a while, and I found lots of deluxe sample-sized products I still haven’t used yet that I can’t wait to try and review in the coming weeks. However, while I was going through my lip product collection, I came across this:  

So much of the same! 

 Here we have 6 lip products that are all the exact same dusty rose shade!

-Two are Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Bettina

-Two are Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipsticks in N4 Pink Beige

-Two are Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils in Velvet 

What is wrong with me?

I don’t ever wear this color really. So, how is it that I ended up with six products that are all the same matte, neutral color. I typically only wear pinks that are much brighter or lighter than this shade, so why do I have all of these, and why do I have two identical products from these brands? I have no idea, but I feel like this has to be my subconscious trying to convince me that I can pull off this shade. Honestly, the more I look at the picture, the more I think that this would make a more professional-looking lipstick shade than most that I like. So, maybe I’ll give them a try soon and see if I think this should be a new go-to shade for my work wardrobe! (After all, most librarians do not wear glossy, sparkly, vibrant pinks, berries, and reds – thought I’ve always preferred to stand out).

I guess we’ll see. Of course, I know that another likely reason I have all of these products is that I have a more than slight addiction to shopping and makeup, but I’d rather this just be a sign that I should wear this color more often.

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Sephora Pearl Mask 

I love face masks! I feel like I talk about them a lot on here, and that is not really going to change because I have a lot I want to review! However, most of the products I’ve tried so far have been masks where you apply some sort of gel or cream, but the hottest new trend from Korea is the fiber mask where you apply a moistened wet-wipe-esque mask to your face. I was excited when I got this one free from Sephora!

Cute packaging! 

 Sephora has many fiber (or sheet) mask options, and they each address a certain skincare need. This one is the pearl mask, and it is for perfecting & brightening, and it is available for only $6. This weekend, my fiance and I were watching “The Mummy Returns,” and I thought that this would be the perfect (thematically-relevant) time to try a sheet mask!

It was very moist when I opened the package, which I think helped it stay on my face while I was watching the movie. It says to leave it on for at least 10 minutes, but I left it on for about half an hour. Afterwards, the mask was still very moist. I kind of wonder if I could have folded it up, put it in a ziplock bag, and used it a second time by using the other side of the mask.

My skin felt moisturized after this mask, however it did not look brighter or more perfect. I wouldn’t even say the moisture was enough to give me any sort of glow. I’m not sold on its effectiveness at all, but I’m willing to try another masks just to see if one of the other ones works better.

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24K Gold Mask 

As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely love face masks! They are absolutely my favorite skincare product because they are often potent, show results quickly, and feel like a luxury. I’ve never splurged on going to a spa or getting a professional facial, but I love indulging in a bubble bath and a face mask after a hard day at work (or an unfortunate social event). I eyed the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask for quite a while without giving it a try, but finally I gave in and bought it as part of the Maskaholic Set.

Feeling Fancy!

To be perfectly honest, I am not quite the target demographic of this product. This mask claims to lift and firm skin. I am only 24, so these aren’t my current skin concerns. However, I really loved this mask. This left my skin feeling really soft, and the next morning my skin was still glowing. So, I do think this amazing for smoothing and brightening, which are great things for any age!

So, should you buy it?

Pros: This product softens and brightens really well. It also felt really gentle and was easy to wash off. Lastly, it did not break me out at all!

Cons: It’s pretty expensive at $80 for 5 oz. Also, while I wasn’t looking for the firming or tightening effect, I also didn’t notice it at all. So, if your goal is anti-aging instead of brightening, I’m not sure how well this works for that.

Overall, I think this a great mask. Sure, it’s a bit expensive, but it’s cheaper than going to a spa, and the container will last for a long time. The image I included is of the 1.7 oz container that came with my 5 mask set, but the full-size $80 of this product is a whopping 5 oz.

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Cover FX Mattifying Primer 

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect primer. While I can get a bit oily sometimes, I still don’t typically need mattifying products besides the occasional blotting paper. However, I purchased the Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment because I do suffer from acne. This product is available for $38 for 1 oz of product. 

Not planning to repurchase.

I have been very disappointed with this product. I came really close to returning it to Sephora (something I’ve never actually done before!) but I feel like I keep trying it over and over hoping that my initial several impressions were incorrect. The problem I’ve been having is that it doesn’t make my face feel smooth at all before I apply my makeup. Also, on the days that I use this mattifying product, I somehow get way more oily than usually. Finally, I think I tend to break out MORE when I use this product.

So, should you buy it?

I can’t say that I can recommend this for anyone. I try to always have something positive to say about a product because I know that skincare is very personal and there are lots of skin types that can use products I dislike for various reasons. However, this product did not live up to any of its claims. It did not smooth my skin and minimize my pores. It made me oily. It made my acne worse. I really should have returned it.


Met Gala 2016 Recap

Those who know me can attest that it is one of my life goals to be invited to the Met Gala. This exclusive event is huge in the fashion world, and it is hosted by none other than Vogue‘s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Each year, on the first Monday in May (which is also the title of a new documentary about the gala), celebrities and fashion icons come together and meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for this fundraiser to support the Costume Institute. I spent pretty much the entirety of my Monday evening on Snapchat to get instantaneous updates. This year’s theme was “Manus X Machina: Fashion in an age of technology.” Here are some highlights from the night:

Best Dressed Female: Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong'o
Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty

Lupita nailed this theme! In a sea of metallic silvers, golds and blacks, she dared to go for a metallic color instead of a neutral. This brave, green choice really stood out and looked amazing against her skin tone. Also, that hair. It’s so fun.

Best Dressed Male: Zayn Malik

Credit: REX/Shutterstock 

Most men who attend this event throw on an expensive tux and ignore the fact that there is a theme. Kudos to Zayn Malik who took the theme seriously and came with armored sleeves!


Worst Dressed Females: The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Credit: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

Come on, Olsens. You have billions of dollars and cute figures. Why are you always hiding those petite silhouettes under oversized, unflattering things?

Worst Dressed Male: Kanye West 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

Oh, Kanye. This is such a missed opportunity. You’ve been invited to one of the most exclusive fashion events in the world and you show up with ripped jeans and shoes that clash with your jacket. I’m sure this is some great ironic statement, but I think this just looks sloppy.

Other Noteworthy Moments: 

To recap, this was yet another year that I was not invited to this event due to my lack of fame and fortune…but fingers crossed for next year! I’ve already started scheming!