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Sephora Pearl Mask 

I love face masks! I feel like I talk about them a lot on here, and that is not really going to change because I have a lot I want to review! However, most of the products I’ve tried so far have been masks where you apply some sort of gel or cream, but the hottest new trend from Korea is the fiber mask where you apply a moistened wet-wipe-esque mask to your face. I was excited when I got this one free from Sephora!

Cute packaging! 

 Sephora has many fiber (or sheet) mask options, and they each address a certain skincare need. This one is the pearl mask, and it is for perfecting & brightening, and it is available for only $6. This weekend, my fiance and I were watching “The Mummy Returns,” and I thought that this would be the perfect (thematically-relevant) time to try a sheet mask!

It was very moist when I opened the package, which I think helped it stay on my face while I was watching the movie. It says to leave it on for at least 10 minutes, but I left it on for about half an hour. Afterwards, the mask was still very moist. I kind of wonder if I could have folded it up, put it in a ziplock bag, and used it a second time by using the other side of the mask.

My skin felt moisturized after this mask, however it did not look brighter or more perfect. I wouldn’t even say the moisture was enough to give me any sort of glow. I’m not sold on its effectiveness at all, but I’m willing to try another masks just to see if one of the other ones works better.


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