Eucerin Daily Protection Body Lotion 

It feels like summer if here! Today in Cincinnati, it is nearly 90 degrees!!! As last weekend’s trip to King’s Island reminded me, SPF is more crucial now than ever. (Yes, my nose is still sunburned but thankfully exfoliation has eliminated peeling). To be honest, SPF should really be applied to all exposed skin if someone is going outside, despite the season. I’ve found that the easiest way for me to remember to apply this to my body is to have it included in my morning lotion. That’s why I love using Eucerin Daily Protection Body Lotion.

This lotion contains SPF 15, which is a relatively low amount but it’s enough for small ventures outdoors. You’re definitely going to need to reapply or use an additional sunscreen if you’re going outside for the entire day though. It does smell faintly of sunscreen but the scent fades very quickly.

The texture of this lotion is pretty thin and watery, which is what I prefer in the morning because it seems to dry so quickly. Also, this one is available at nearly any drugstore or grocery story and it is very affordable. Prices may vary by store, but it seems to retail for between $8-12. That’s a great deal for 16.9 oz. Eucerin is also a really great brand for sensitive skin. Their products are very gentle and I feel like their lotions even improve the texture of my skin. I used to spend an unfortunate amount of money on expensive lotions, but I’ve realized that the affordable Eucerin lotions are just as good or better than the ones I’ve used from L’Occitane, Clinique, and Bliss. For my standard, unscented lotions, the Eucerin brand is the one I’m going to be reaching for from now on.


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