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Winter is Here! 

I realized last week that winter had finally arrived when I was working at the library desk and a patron with a hat and coat and gloves came rushing in looking all red in the face. She looked cold and scared and she blurted out, “It’s snowing outside!” before grabbing a few books and checking them out as quickly as she could. Knowing that I had forgotten to wear my new jacket that day, I was worried about leaving and going home until I saw that the blizzard outside was comprised of approximately eight snowflakes.

While I loathe snow and ice, especially when I’m driving, I do love BOOT SEASON! I used to have so many pairs of boots, but when I moved to my own apartment, I knew I didn’t have room to keep them all. Now, I’m down to three pairs of inexpensive but adorable boots.

The first in the above picture (from left to right) is a pair that I got for $30 at Target last year. The middle one I got this year at Gabe’s (previously knows as Gabriel Brothers) for $20. The last pair is from Kohl’s and they were only $30. Places such as these can be very hit-or-miss and their stock turns over very quickly, but I think that inexpensive yet comfortable shoes can be found out there!

So, should you pay low prices for boots you’ll have to replace every year or so? Would it be better to invest in more expensive boots that will last longer? I, honestly, don’t know what the answer should be for you – this is kind of a personal preference. However, I try to invest my money in pieces that are classics. I usually spend very little on anything trendy or something that I won’t wear very often. I’d rather just get the cheaper version if it’s going to have a short life either way. Boots, while they can be trendy, typically fall under the classic category, but I just like to change them up every year. Because of this, I don’t want to spend too much if I’m going to get tired of them by the end of the season.



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