In Defense of Knitting 

Project Runway has made sewing cool again, but I wish a TV show would come out that would make knitting cool again! Of course, there’s Miss Marple (who I love) but I really wish there wasn’t a stigma attached to yarn crafts that makes them associated only with the elderly.


My current yarn stash!

In May of this year, I was feeling kind of stressed and I decided I wanted to try a new hobby that made me use my hands. I also wanted something that I could do on autopilot, ideally when watching TV. I was at a craft store with my family, and I noticed the yarn section. Knitting and crocheting seemed like they would fit the bill!

Thankfully, my Aunt Pat knew how to knit and crochet and she was happy to show me. I definitely struggled at first, but practicing every day made all the difference. I also watched some great tutorials on the YouTube channel Studio Knit. Within a month, I could make potholders. Soon after, I moved on to fingerless gloves. Now, I can also make hats and socks and baby booties and blankets! Knitting and crocheting have becomes really rewarding hobbies that have enabled me to de-stress while making fun things for my friends, family, and charity. A lot of charities, including my favorite – Warm Up America – accept both finished projects and rectangles they can join together.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw this out there: if you’re looking for a new hobby and you want to be creative and do something rewarding, give knitting or crocheting a try! It’s actually really fun and a lot of my coworkers have been impressed by their handmade gifts. Don’t let the stigma stop you if it’s something that interests you!

If you already play with yarn or if you do decide to give it a try, feel free to post ideas here or share pictures of your masterpieces in the comments section!



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