Another Dr. Jart+ Miracle 

I am SO EXCITED about this new product from Dr. Jart +! I know I’ve praised several products from this brand in the past, but this is my absolute favorite so far: the Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment.

Yes, this product has a hefty price tag at $52, but it is so worth it. The tin opens up to a thick green substance that blends into a beige shade on your skin. “Beige” is usually a terrifying shade on my pale skin, but it really does sink in and look absolutely natural even on me.

This product does an amazing job at reducing redness and making the skin look perfectly even. I don’t think I’ve ever liked the look of my skin more than when I use this product. Also, it protects the skin with SPF 30!

The product descriptions suggests that this be used as a primer, but I use it as a lightweight foundation similar to a BB cream. It does a really great job at covering up redness and blemishes, but I’ve been even more impressed by its ability to cover up my acne scars. They are way less noticeable when I use this product, and that is a miracle because they are so hard to hide!

If I had to pick only one product to promote, this would be it. It is the best product I tried in 2016, and believe me, I tried a lot of products in 2016!


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