Fizz & Bubble Milkshake

Chilly winters make me want to take long, warm baths. I know that baths can further dry out the skin, but there’s just something so soothing about them that I can’t resist! Recently, I made a trip to Ulta and I found this fun gem: Fizz & Bubble Bath Fizz Milkshake.

Bath bombs can be incredibly expensive (I’m looking at you, LUSH!) so these are a great alternative. This adorably packaged container contains a fun sponge plus 12 small bath fizzes. I picked the scent Lavender Fields, but there are five scents to choose from (and they all smelled delicious in the store). I tried a bath with just one bath fizz, and it was fine for a quick bath. However, you might want to toss two in the tub if you’re having a longer soak. Still, $15 for 12 bath fizzes is a pretty good deal considering that many single-use bath fizzes are $5-15 a piece.

While this product smelled great and was just what I was looking for, I will add that it didn’t really do anything for my skin. While the product description claims that these are ultra-moisturizing, I definitely didn’t see any of these in regards to my skin. Still, I really liked these, especially because of the price. I love baths but I don’t have a very long attention span, so I can’t stay in the tub long enough to make a $10 bath bomb worth my time. I do, however, feel okay with one that is under $2.



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