Fizz & Bubble Truffles 

Last week, I blogged about the Fizz & Bubble Bath Milkshake, which is a great economical choice, but this week, I wanted to share another more luxurious option from the company: Fizz & Bubble Truffles.

The nine pack of truffles is only $20, which is still pretty good for a fun bath product. Plus, just look how cute they are! This is the perfect sample pack as well because it has nine of Fizz & Bubbles scents. If you like one (or more) of them, Fizz & Bubble has whole ranges devoted to most of the scents which includes shower gels, bath cupcakes, and large bath fizzies.

You’ll want to put just one in each bath. They are certainly large enough for a bath, although they are smaller in comparison to other bath bomb products on the market (but this is, after all, a sample pack). The scents are great. They are strong enough to make the bath smell nice without feeling overpowering.

As with most bath products, however, I did not find that they had any moisturization value, despite marketing claims. You’ll definitely still need to follow up your bath with a nice lotion. Still, I think these are a really fun product, and they would make a lovely gift as well because of the packaging!


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