PTR Acne Clear Invisible Dots 

Over the past year, my acne has been a lot better than before, but I do still need some acne-related products. I found these Acne-Clear Invisible Dots from Peter Thomas Roth, and I was so excited to give them a try.

These can be purchased from Sephora for either $30 for 72 dots or $12 for 24 dots. The packages contain dots of different sizes, and each dot is a one-time-use only product.

I’ve found that these do work well, but they only work on certain kinds of zits. When I have a zit that is forming a white-head, I pop one of these on top of the zit and leave it on overnight. When I pull off the dot in the morning, my blemish is either gone or greatly diminished, which is awesome! However, most of my blemishes these days are just red bumps that rarely get to the white-head stage. For these deep red bumps, I have not noticed that these dots make much of a difference. So, if you’re considering buying this product, I would encourage you to only bother buying it if your zits typically result in white-heads. If that’s the case, then I think you’ll love this product. However, if your spots are merely reddish like mine, I think it’s best to skip this product.


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