Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Acne 

Kate Somerville products are really well-regarded, so a while ago, I tried several of her acne products, including her iconic ExfoliKate Acne treatment, when I bought the Blemish Bannisher Kit for $55 at Sephora.

Because my skin is a bit sensitive, I immediately realized that I wouldn’t be able to use most of these products in conjunction with each other. So, instead, I tried to just use the ExfoliKate Acne product twice a week to see if I could notice any change in my acne.

I think that this did help a little bit with my acne, but sadly this just didn’t work with my sensitive skin. I felt like my skin looked overly red and felt just too sensitive. I noticed that the day after using this product, my skin felt distressed and products that normally don’t cause irritation at all made my skin burn a bit. Still, I do think that this helped my existing acne clear up a bit faster, though I couldn’t tell if it helped prevent more acne from emerging.

Overall, I think that Kate Somerville does have a great product line, but unfortunately all of the products I’ve tried just haven’t worked with my sensitive skin. Still, if you do have acne and don’t have sensitive skin, then I think this kit is worth a try.


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