Mother’s Day Classic Gift Idea

Mother’s Day is tomorrow! It’s a great day where we celebrate the woman who has been there the most for us in life. I love my mom! We’ve become close friends since I entered adulthood, and we celebrated early by seeing a matinee show of the musical Beautiful: The Carole King Musical this afternoon. Still, I wanted to share a sure-thing idea with you in case you’re still scrambling to find a gift last-minute.


Credit: Nordstrom

I have always thought that pearls exude a timeless elegant. I know that my mother always classes up an outfit with a strand of pearls when it needs to be extra fancy, so maybe that’s why I associate pearls with my mother. When I saw these earrings at Nordstrom I instantly thought that they would make a great mother’s day gift. First, they are a steal at $45! Also, they have a great classic look from the brand Nina. While the pearl is imitation (obviously, for that price), the crystals are Swarovski, which add another nice touch.

Happy Mother’s Day to any mothers who might be reading this blog!


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