Blush Pink Accessories for Spring

Remember when nude shoes were in and they were supposed to blend in and look like a natural extension of your leg? That was a terrible trend, and it didn’t work because they didn’t match anyone’s skin tone! Besides, it completely defeated the purpose of accessorizing. Neutral colored accessories are supposed to take a back seat to brighter colors, but they’re still supposed to enhance the outfit instead of disappearing completely. That’s one of the reasons that I LOVE the blush pink shade (so much so that my future wedding dress will absolutely be blush pink instead of white!) It is demure and versatile while still being chic and eye-catching. Here are two amazing accessories in this color from the Kelly & Katie brand sold at DSW:

Credit: DSW
First up is the Eleanore Pump, which retails at $39.95. I can attest that this is one of the most comfortable brands of shoes on the market, and I love their very feminine styles. This one is certainly no exception. I could definitely see this in an office setting or even a wedding because of the versatility of the pump – it can definitely be dressed up or down. The blush pink hue goes with so many other colors, although it tends to pair best with cooler shades. The bow embellishment is adorable, and peep toes are very flattering for most foot shapes.

Credit: DSW
Next up is the Helaniel Satchel, which also retails at $39.95. This is a larger bag with the following dimensions: 12½” x 5″ x 9½”. It also completely zips at the top (something that I know I always prefer in a handbag so that I don’t spill the contents during one of my many moments of clumsiness). While this perfectly matches the pumps, you could definitely carry this with most outfits and most shoes. I know that I often pair my blush bag with black shoes. I hate changing handbags if they clash with my outfit, but this one should be a sure bet for most colors.

These are both really affordable options for anyone wanting to try out blush pink accessories. I often forget that DSW sells other accessories, but I’ve actually been really pleased with their recent handbag selection, especially in this shade. I hope that Blush pink is a shade that stays popular for a very long time! I think that it is definitely becoming a classic, elegant shade that will hopefully become a permanent fashion fixture instead of a trend!



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