Tom’s Long Lasting Deodorant 

Every so often, I go on an all-natural kick when I try to use the most natural skincare and makeup products and I try to eat super healthy and do yoga constantly. These moods usually last like two weeks max because I will inevitably miss my Dior lipsticks and cheeseburgers, but sometimes I discover some cool things that I still use after I’ve had one of these health sprees. One such thing is Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant in Wild Lavender.  This product is available at Target stores for about $4.50.

Now, to be honest, I don’t love all-natural deodorants because they don’t really work as well as more traditional brands. This one is no exception – I use an antiperspirant during the day instead of this product. But I still LOVE this product because of the smell. It smells so soothing. The lavender scent is so natural and doesn’t have any of the weird artificial chemical scent of most drugstore lavender products. (This scent serious rivals the lavender products of super-luxurious L’Occitane). I shower at night and then I use this product because the scent just helps me relax and unwind. Also, I feel like the product moisturizes my armpits, which is something I never thought of needing before. Armpits do get dry from shaving and I think that some powdery-scented deodorants that work well also dry them out further. So, I like giving my pits a break at night by using this soothing product. This is kind of a weird post because I’m not endorsing this product for the way it was really intended, but I still wanted to share in case anyone else loves lavender scents or has dry armpits.





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