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Sephora Oil Infusion Lip Product 

How is it that my lips feel so chapped in both winter and summer? Weather extremes are so harsh on delicate skin, and lips are covered with some of the most sensitive skin on the body. Recently, I’ve found that I’ve become obsessed with oil-based lip products because they are so moisturizing without being sticky! One that I’ve been turning to a lot is the Sephora Oil Infusion Color & Care.

This tube looks like a gloss, and it is very similar to a gloss, but it’s actually an oil-based balm with a concentration of color. It also retails for $14, but recently Sephora put them in the sale section for $7. This is a bad sign and probably means that they’re being discontinued, so you should definitely snag one while you still can. I’d also like to note that even when this product no longer exists, there are some other great lip oils out there (from YSL, Clarins, and more – although, they’re more expensive).

So, this Sephora lip oil glides on so smoothly with the doe foot applicator. It packs a nice punch of color, but it is not as vibrant as the tube might lead you to believe. It’s definitely more pigmented than all other tinted balms I’ve used, but it is not near the full pigment of a lipstick. Still, I love this wash of color for lower key days. For a balm, the color also lasts really well. I definitely have to reapply after eating, but I find that this balm does stain the lips a bit in a really pretty way. Finally, and most importantly, this product is so moisturizing. It leaves my lips feeling soft and supple. In many ways, it looks and feels like a gloss, but there is absolutely no stickiness, which is great because that’s the one thing I consistently dislike about most glosses.

You should definitely buy one before they’re all gone! $7 is a steal. I’ve purchased Pink Granita which is a nice medium pink sheen and Cherry Cocktail which is a gorgeous cool red with blue undertones that suits my skin tone really well.


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