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L’Oreal Root Rescue 

I’ve been looking for hair dye solutions that prevent me from having to completely dye my hair every 4-5 weeks. I typically use John Frieda Precision Foam hair dye monthly for an overall color. I’ve noticed that my ends have been getting drier and frizzier, and so I wanted something to target just my roots. My plan is to dye all of my hair and then follow that up after four weeks with a root touch up and then go another four weeks before dying all of my hair again. My first product that I’m testing for just my roots is the L’Oreal Paris Root Rescue in Dark Brown 4.

This product can be purchased at most drugstores or at Ulta for about $8. It was easy to mix and apply. I loved that the tip was like a comb, and it was so easy to brush it into my roots. The formula itself is really thick, which is excellent because this prevents dripping. Overall, this product was really easy to use and apply, with the exception of the truly terrible gloves that come with the kit. These were definitely the worst plastic gloves I’ve ever tried to put on my hands – it was so hard to get my hands into them without ripping them.

I am happy with the results of this product. My grey hairs are all covered (and I have a shocking amount of grey hair for a 25 year old!) Unfortunately, I think this product irritated my skin just a little bit. My scalp looked a little red for about half an hour after using the product, and the skin on my face seemed more sensitive. As far as hair dye reactions go, that is very mild, but it’s still more of a reaction than I’m used to having with hair dye, and I don’t know if I want to try again to see if the same thing will happen (or worse). The only hair dye reactions I’ve ever had were from L’Oreal products, so perhaps this just isn’t the brand for me. Still, I liked the results, so maybe I’ll try to find a similar product from another brand.

Has anyone had any experiences with this product or a similar product? What did you think? What are your favorite hair dye solutions?

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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