Origins Super Spot Remover 

I love the Origins skincare brand from Sephora because the products are more natural and plant-based than other brands, and their products never seem to break me out. Recently, I picked up the Origins Super Spot Remover treatment gel from Sephora for $17.

This container is TINY and contains only 0.3 oz of product (but this is the full-size of the product). It contains a concentration of salicylic acid, and can easily be dabbed onto blemishes. I do think that this product worked well. I noticed that my spots definitely healed faster with this product than without this product. However, it was very drying and I had to start using a heavier moisturizer. The small container also didn’t last very long (maybe two months for me).

This is a nice product and it does what it claims to, but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. While it helped my acne, the results weren’t astounding. I also didn’t care for the dryness and how little product you get, but I think this would be a great spot treatment for someone who only gets the occasional zit. If you only have a small area to treat, I think this could work really well for you!

What are your favorite acne treatment products?

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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14 thoughts on “Origins Super Spot Remover ”

  1. I find most spot treatments to be too drying! I always have to counteract the drying products with hydrating products. I found the Peter Thomas Roth cucumber gel mask works amazing for taking care of the dryness around a pimple!

  2. I always had problem skin (dry and sensitive skin + scaly patches from eczema + keratin build-up underneath the skin…), but my skin has improved a lot since I made a few simple changes:

    1. I use a glycolic overnight peel for chemical exfoliation.
    2. 3 face masks per week (mud and peel-off)
    3. I now use a cellulose sponge to wash my face in the morning.
    4. No more scrubs with crushed apricot stones or walnut shells on my face.

    I do like the idea of a super spot remover, but the ones I tried seemed to aggravate the spots – I guess it has to do with my eczema and my generally moody skin. But my relatively new skin care regime has made a huge difference.

    1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I agree that scrubs can be too harsh for sensitive skin. I try to avoid them too. Also, glycolic acid is a game changer!! I use one from Peter Thomas Roth and it’s really helped clear up my acne and even diminish acne scars 🙂

  3. Thanks for the review! In the past I have used the clean and clear persa-gel 5, which has benzoyl peroxide and I find it works well, but isn’t quite as drying as products with salicylic acid. It’s also so affordable, maybe $10 CAD, so definitely a good alternative to expensive origins products.

  4. This sounds like quite a good product but I can definitely see why you won’t be repurchasing! Great review xxx

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