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Caolion Hot & Cold Pore Pack 

If you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with face masks. They are just the best way to see instant results for your skincare needs! I recently had the chance to try the Caolion Hot and Cool Pore Pack Duo. This face mask duo can be purchased from Amazon for $28. It is a K-Beauty product that focuses on deep cleansing your pores and removing blackheads.

I was initially concerned that doing two face masks back-to-back would be too much for my skin and would cause rebellious breakouts or redness, but thankfully that did not happen! I started with step one which is the steam pore back. I put it on my skin, and I could definitely feel the heat, but it didn’t sting and did not feel unpleasant. Afterwards, I washed it off my face and proceeded to step two: the original pack which provides a chilling effect. Honestly, the second step felt much less pleasant and the chilling sensation kind of stung. Still, I persevered and left it on my skin the recommended amount of time.

Once I washed step two off of my face, the results were obvious. My skin was so incredibly smooth! Later that day when I put on my makeup, it just glided on so effortlessly. Also, these results lasted for about two or three days. I was really impressed at how clean my skin felt and how smooth everything looked. I would absolutely recommend this product to skincare junkies, especially those who don’t mind the mildly painful feeling of the second mask.

Have you tried this product, or is there a different face mask that you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments section!

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-XO Tiffy

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