Frizz Ease Keraflex Hairspray 

Hairspray is essential on humid days. It really holds a hairstyle together, so I was excited to try the Frizz Ease Keraflex Hairspray this summer. This product can be purchased for $7.50 at Target or similar stores.

I will admit that I’m not terribly picky when it comes to hairspray. I think that it’s a product that’s hard to mess up and most of them feel the same. That being said, I really liked this one. It really does let hair remain flexible while still keeping the hairstyle intact. It’s a very fine mist and I love that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling weird and crunchy. For $7.50, I think this is a great quality hairspray! Frizz Ease is owned by the John Frieda brand, and that’s a brand that I really love. This is another winner!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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2 thoughts on “Frizz Ease Keraflex Hairspray ”

  1. loove john frieda’s frizz ease line, it works wonders on my hair! i have one of their frizz ease hair sprays but i think i should try this one out too!

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