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Almay Pen Eyeliner 

Almay makes some of my very favorite eyeliners. I was really excited to try one of their newer ones: the Almay Pen Eyeliner in Brown. This can be purchased from Target or similar stores for $6.

The Almay eyeliners I love are pencils, but I still had high hopes for this liquid eyeliner. I really wanted to find a great drugstore liquid eyeliner option. Unfortunately, this was not it! The formulation was okay and pigmented, but the applicator itself was atrocious. The tip has no give and is just too stiff. It’s almost painful to pull it across the eyelid, and it was so hard to get it to the edge of the lash line. To make matters worse, the “innovative ballpoint tip” makes it pretty much impossible to make the sharp lines necessary for a winged eye look. After struggling for an unfortunate amount of time to apply this eyeliner, I was also disappointed by it’s staying power. It faded quickly and one eye did get smudged after only an hour or so. Overall, I recommend passing on this product!

Are there any great drugstore liquid eyeliners that you’ve tried? Please, let me know because I’d very much like to try something else!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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3 thoughts on “Almay Pen Eyeliner ”

  1. Have you tried the Essence eyeliner pen? It’s amazing! But make sure you grab the waterproof one 😀 Would you mind check out my page? It would mean the world to me! Maybe we can follow each other 😀
    Love, Mimi

      1. You are welcome! With essence is such hits or misses. A product is either SO GOOD that you can believe how affordable it is or SO BAD that you are like: wtf who approved this? Ahaha x

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