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Tonymoly Hydrating Lotus Sheet Mask 

Sheet masks are a fun way to relax at the end of a hard day. They provide lots of skincare benefits, but they tend to be very gentle on the skin. Recently, I tried this adorable Pokemon-themed sheet mask: the Tonymoly Lotus Hydrating Sheet Mask. You can get this sheet mask for about $5 at Walmart and similar retailers.

First off, I really liked this sheet mask because it actually made my skin feel incredibly moisturized. It had a very soothing quality and left my skin looking more supple and feeling more hydrated. Anyone with dry skin will definitely love this one!

There were two drawbacks though. First, it was kind of hard to unfold this mask and apply it because it was so slippery and wet. Secondly, also in relation to the wetness, I found that this mask dripped a lot which is not something I’m used to with sheet masks. I didn’t mind that it dripped from my chin to my chest, but it was irritating how it dripped in my nose area. I felt like I was inhaling it, and I kept trying to brush it away from this area. I’m not sure why there was so much product saturating this mask. I haven’t noticed this in other Tonymoly masks that I’ve used.

Have you used this one? What’s your favorite sheet mask? Please, let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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4 thoughts on “Tonymoly Hydrating Lotus Sheet Mask ”

  1. I really want to try one of their pokemon masks. I think I’ll get the pikachu one! Oh and for it dripping, you could try to use the access all over your body so you won’t waste it!

    As always, awesome review! 👌😍

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