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Blogmas Day 8: Bamboo Manicure Sticks 

Its’ Day 8 of Blogmas! Today’s goodie from my Sephora advent calendar was this collection of bamboo manicure sticks. Now, I couldn’t actually find these on the Sephora website, but these are something that you can get at pretty much any drugstore anyway.

Bamboo manicure sticks are super helpful if you do your own manicures. The tips are shaped perfectly for removing excess polish from your cuticles and from around the tip or under  your fingernail. These are really the easiest way to make your manicure look perfect. I know it is tempting to use one of your other nails to scrape off wet nail polish that gets on your cuticle, but more often than not you’ll just end up hurting the polish on that nail too and then you have two messed up nails instead of one. These bamboo sticks are super precise and let you clean up a messy manicure without using the nails themselves.

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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