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Pixi Lip Tint and Gloss 

Everyone loves a long-lasting lip color, but so many products have the unfortunate side effect of drying out lips and making them look all cracked and damaged. I find it’s always a balance between finding a nourishing product and one that gets a decent amount of wear between reapplication. Recently, I found a hybrid product that I just had to try: the Pixi by Petra GelTint & SilkGloss. This product can be purchased from Target for only $12.

I was very curious about how the gel texture would feel on the lips, and I was pleasantly surprised that it dries down without really drying out the lips too much. It is very sheer, so you have to kind of wait for it to dry and then layer it to get a color with much impact, so that is definitely a drawback. The light pink gloss is also very pretty and sparkly and isn’t sticky like some glosses. Overall, I liked this product, but it wasn’t without it’s flaws. It was very difficult to get a uniform opaque color, and I’ve found that the amount of time it takes to apply this product just doesn’t seem worth it. In the end, I did really like the gloss it came with though, so I’ve been using that alone for a while now.

Are there any long-wear lip options that you’ve found to work without drying out your lips? Be sure to let me know in the comments section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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6 thoughts on “Pixi Lip Tint and Gloss ”

      1. Agreed! I always check Target to see if they’re on sale. However Target is a black hole for me.

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