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Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Powder 

For some reason, my skin has started getting a bit oilier over the past few weeks after months of feeling really dry. I decided it might be time to try a powder with my makeup routine, and I wanted to see what was available at the drugstore. I ended up trying the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Skin-Transforming Powder. This product is available at Target and similar retailers for about $11.

First, I’ll just admit that this product did not live up to its claims. I feel like I’ve been disappointed with every makeup product I’ve used that was made specifically for people with acne-prone skin. They never really make my skin better but they do tend to dry the skin a bit and get rid of oil. Maybe there’s something about salicylic acid that impacts the texture of makeup.

I found that this makeup didn’t blend well and just kind of sat on top of the skin. The texture was awfully chalky which didn’t help when it came to blending. I have found that the best way to use this product is to just absorb a little oil by gently dabbing the product on to skin with a sponge. Applying a very small amount of product definitely works better in this case.

Have you used a drugstore powder that you loved? Be sure to let me know in the comments section! (Bonus points if you have acne-prone skin and it didn’t break you out!)

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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