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Caudalie Instant Detox Mask 

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a face mask. They always make me feel so pampered, and I love trying new ones! Recently, I tried the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask which retails for $39 from Sephora and similar retailers.

I have to admit that I’ve already used up my entire deluxe sample because I LOVED this one! This variation of a mud mask is so awesome. It’s good for sensitive, oily, and dry skin because it’s very gentle and doesn’t really impact your PH balance. Rather, it just gently removes toxins from your pores by drawing them out with the mud. Your skin will feel softer afterwards, but it won’t feel dry or even more moisturized. This is a really great mask for people like me who have acne, and I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin with this product.

The main ingredient in this one is pink clay (the mud feature) but it also has some other ingredients that are great for clearer skin like coffee, grape extract, and papaya enzymes. It’s filled with skincare goodness, and your skin will thank you for using this one! I really have to pick up more next time I put in a Sephora order because I miss it. It’s gentle enough to even use daily, which lets you feel constantly pampered.

What is your favorite mask? Please, let me know in the comment section because you know I’m always looking for another one!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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4 thoughts on “Caudalie Instant Detox Mask ”

  1. The 7th Heaven line of mud masks …though I just totally found some super cute ones that are cruelty free on amazon that I want to try! I’m a sucker for cute/kawaii things! Lol 🙂
    If you want to check it out it’s called The Creme Shop animal masks…too cute!

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