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Trend Alert: Strappy Sandals for Spring

Spring is finally here! It’s felt so nice to finally be able to wear capris and sandals at work. As someone who is always warm, I’m tempted to wear capris in winter but I get a lot of side-eye when I do, so I try to dress appropriately. But Spring and Summer are my seasons!

Naturally, as the seasons change, I find myself needing new shoes. Well, “need” might be a strong word, but I’m sure you understand the feeling. I’ve been shopping and I’ve noticed a major trend right now: strappy sandals this spring that have thicker straps. Here are some that I found from DSW that I’m definitely considering purchasing:


Credit: DSW

These first shoes are the Sam Edelman Susie Sandal which are $69.99. I love the medium blue suede because they’re definitely not similar to anything I already own. These would be so cute paired with a white sundress.



Credit: DSW


These next shoes would have been so cute for Easter. They’re the Marc Fisher Kickoff Wedge Sandal which are also $69.99. The light pink shade is gorgeous, and the ruffle is sweet and feminine.



Credit: DSW 

I love red! It’s sensual and vibrant and makes everyone take notice. That’s probably why I’ve got my eyes on the Unisa Diane Sandal which retails for only $39.99



Credit: DSW


This next one is pretty whimsical. It’s the Crown Vintage Accumoli Sandal for $39.99. I don’t know why, but I’m drawn to the contrasting straps. Since they’re all neutrals, they can be easily paired with other neutrals. It’s eclectic but fun!

Credit: DSW

This final shoe is my favorite and not just because it’s pink! This is the Diba Gizmo Flat Sandal which is only $29.99 I love the structure of this shoe and its dramatic front bow. The ribbing on the sides is also a nice textural detail.

Are you excited for Spring? What wardrobe changes will you be making? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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