Met Gala 2018 Best and Worst Dressed!

Last night was the legendary Met Gala! This year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. As expected, there was lots of glitz, glam, and religious paraphernalia. Here are my picks for best and worst dressed this year!

Best Dressed:

1 – Hands down, the winner for Best Dressed is Blake Lively! She dressed like a queen in Versace, and it was FLAWLESS! Here she is waving to her royal subjects…

Credit: Getty Images


Honorable Mentions for Best Dressed:

2 – Nicki Minaj’s flowing red extravaganza was a delight! I loved the ombre red and the detailing in the jewelry.

Credit: Getty Images 


3 – Of course, Madonna was going to rock this theme. She’s already done so much with religious iconography in her aesthetic, but the crown/mesh really worked for me!

Credit: Getty Images


4 – Gigi Hadid is next on our list. This was the best “angel”-inspired piece of the night. Truly stunning!

Credit: Getty Images


5. Scarlett Johansson’s look was perfectly ethereal. This is the only dress on the list that I actually covet the chance to wear!

Credit: Getty Images


6. Zendaya took this theme very seriously, and I thought her ensemble inspired by Joan of Arc was a brave choice that really paid off!

Credit: Getty Images


7 – Last, but certainly not least, we have Chadwick Boseman who truly committed to the theme! Most of the male outfits were pretty bland, but this one was stunning. I love when male celebs aren’t afraid to stand out on red carpets.

Credit: Vogue 



Worst Dressed:

1 – My pick for worst dressed is Liza Koshy. This look seems like something that could be found at the junior’s department of any store in the mall, and it just doesn’t work for the Met Gala red carpet.

Credit: Getty Images



Honorable Mentions for Worst Dressed:

2 – Next, we have Kendall Jenner who didn’t get the memo of this being a formal affair. This outfit stood out for all the wrong reasons. Way too casual!

Credit: Vogue


3 – Oh, Miley, where did your fire go? This is a super safe pick from someone who used to light up the red carpet with daring choices. Overall, this was just too bland.

Credit: Vogue


4 – Lauren Santo Domingo also gets featured on the worst dressed list for playing it way too safe. This look was just too dull for the Met Gala.

Credit: Getty Images


5 – Zoe Kravitz is apparently adorned in YSL, but it seems like she just found a scrap of lace on the floor of the couturier’s boutique and called it a day.

Credit: Vogue


6 – Mindy Kaling makes the list because of a safe and ill-fitting frock choice. Also, even the crown looks like it’s awkwardly the wrong size here.

Credit: Vogue


7 – And lastly, we have Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton. It looks more military-inspired than anything, and it’s just not super flattering.

Credit: Vogue 



What a fantastic red carpet! This was another successful Met Gala, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next time. Who knows – maybe next year will be my year to finally score an invite!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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