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Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure 

Fake nails have come a long way since I was in junior high. When I started a new school in 8th grade, I wanted to stand out more than anything in the world (which was difficult with the rigid uniform). I decided to wear acrylic nails for about six months. I changed them every week and struggled with the messy glue and the constant frustration of nails falling off at the worst possible times. It was absolutely ridiculous, and it did a lot of damage to my nails, but I’m also still proud of younger me for holding on to my individuality. The other day, I was shopping and saw these Broadway Nails imPRESS one-step gel fake nails. They were on sale and I felt filled with nostalgia, so I decided to give them a chance. These retail at most drugstore and grocery stores for between $5-8 depending on the kit.

I was actually very impressed (no pun intended) with these nails! The application was super easy. You just have to remove your existing nail polish if you’re wearing some, wipe your nails with the included alcohol swab, peel off the tab on the back on the gel nail, apply it over your real nail, and press down thoroughly (making sure to also press on the sides). Since there’s no dry time, this actually was faster than a traditional manicure, and the best part was that there was zero mess! Since the adhesive is pre-applied, you don’t have to struggle with tiny tubes of sticky glue that goes everywhere.

In terms of size, there was a great variety. Each kit includes 30 nails, so it’s very likely you’ll find nails that align almost perfectly with your cuticles. It took a while for me to get used to the look (it has been 13 years since I was 13 and last wore fake nails) but they kind of grew on me from an aesthetic perspective.

These nails lasted 5 whole days before one fell off, which I thought was great since I worked with my hands every day, did a lot of typing, washed dishes several times, unpeeled many tangerines, and more throughout the work week. I’m right-handed and it was really only the nails on the right hand that were loose at day 5. Had I been gentler, they probably would have lasted even longer. I was impressed by these, although it was honestly a relief when I was able to remove them. They were long enough to get in the way and slow down my typing which I did not enjoy. Also, rolling coins at work was super frustrating when I was in charge of banking.

Overall, I could definitely see me use these for special occasions. I can apply them quickly and be certain that they will last through big events. For the price, these are such a great deal, and they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. I’m really glad I gave these a try!

Have you tried these one-step gel nails? What did you think? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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