Caress Sheer Twilight Body Wash 

Bath time has been my favorite time of day since I was a very small child. However, I’ve long since traded in my mermaid toy and L’Oreal shampoo (remember the kind that looked like a fish?!) for bath bombs and luxury oils. Bath products can get very pricey, so I was excited when I recently discovered the Caress Sheer Twilight Body Wash which is available from Target and similar retailers for only $4.

Don’t let the price fool you – this body wash feels luxurious. It smells so amazing and very sensual with black orchid and juniper. It’s a very interesting blend of woodsy and floral notes, and honestly I could totally see this working as a unisex fragrance. The oils in this body wash also make this product very moisturizing on skin. I often don’t feel like I need to apply lotion after my shower if I used this as my body wash.

I do wish that the fragrance would last longer. The bottle claims that this is “a lasting enchanting scent” but to be honest, I don’t typically smell the product post-shower. I actually wish Caress made other products like lotion with this fragrance so that I could continue to smell it.

Do you have a favorite body wash that makes you smell and feel great? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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