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Skintimate 2-in-1 Shave Cream & Skin Conditioner 

I hate shaving, but it’s a necessary evil. Unfortunately, I have pretty sensitive skin and am prone to razor burn on my legs. Recently, I was really excited to try the Skintimate 2 in 1 Shave Cream & Skin Conditioner which promised silky, smooth, hairless skin for only $4 –  but this turned out to all be a lie!

I hate bashing a product. I much prefer listing pros and cons. However, the only pro I can think of with this product is that it did smell really nice, and the cons are overwhelming. The consistency of the product is very thin and will not lather. This means, you have to use a whole lot of product to cover your legs. But the very worst part of using this product is that I had TONS of razor burn afterwards and lots of little nicks. Still, like a masochist, I persisted and tried it a few more times so I could report back.

I can’t blame the razor because I started shaving one armpit and leg with this and then I’d use a regular, foaming shaving cream for the other half of me. Every time, the foaming side was just fine and the side that used this product was itchy and bleeding.

I’m just so disappointed in this product. It is not a good shaving cream and it did not leave my skin feeling “conditioned” or moisturized. I definitely still needed a lotion afterwards. Do yourself a favor and save your $4 for literally any other shaving cream!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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