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Too Faced Melted Latex Lipstick Fail! 

I love dramatic lipsticks, but they don’t all love me back! Recently, I was shopping online at Sephora and I saw that they had a sale on the Too Faced Melted Latex lipsticks. They were only $10, and I’ve had great luck with these before. I wanted to go for something really bold, so I went for the deep red shade “Bite Me.”

I was so looking forward to this one. I envisioned myself turning heads with my dramatic red/wine lips like a vintage movie starlet. Alas, that was not meant to be. When the lipstick arrived, I instantly knew something was wrong. I did receive the right shade, but instead of a reddish wine, it looked like a dark brown. Still, I paid $10 so I was going to give it a go.

I looked like a cartoon villain dressed up for Halloween. Not only was the color all wrong, but the opacity was terrible. It was a very uneven product and it took a lot of effort to make the color look evenly distributed. I wore it while shopping that night and I felt a lot of stares but not the kind I had hoped for.

The next day, I brought it to work. When things got slow, I went to the bathroom to try it on again, but my trusty coworkers assured me that it needed to be removed ASAP.

I did learn a few things from this experience though:

  1. Whenever possible, test a lipstick shade in person instead of just guessing based on the picture posted on the website.
  2. Sometimes things are on sale for a reason.
  3. Always have a backup lipstick in your purse when testing something so risky.

Not all makeup risks pan out, but it’s still fun to try sometimes. Still, this is a shade that’s getting tossed for sure!

Do you have a makeup mistake you want to share? Be sure to tell me in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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