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Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream 

Recently, I’ve been trying to take better care of my hands, especially the nail bed region. My cuticles get so dry and tear easily, so I wanted to try a product just for them. I ended up selecting the Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream. This product is available at most drugstores and online for just $5.

First off, this product smells amazing. It’s fruity with top notes of apricot. That was definitely my favorite thing about the product. Other than that, I was a little disappointed. The formula felt so stiff, which surprised me. I was definitely expecting something creamier. As it was, it was a bit hard to use since you kind of have to dig in to get the product out. I suppose it wouldn’t be as difficult if you just wanted to rub your fingertip over it and use the light residue. That would definitely make the product last longer, but you also wouldn’t get as much moisturization power that way.

The product just didn’t moisturize as much as I had hoped. I’ve used cuticle oils in the past that worked much better, so maybe I should go back to that instead of using a cream like this one.

What do you use for your cuticles? I’d love to know! Feel free to tell me in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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