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OGX Bonding Plex Shampoo and Conditioner 

I use a lot of heat when it comes to styling my hair, and this has resulted in quite a bit of damage and frizziness. While I have decided to try letting my hair air dry completely and using a styling cream for texture instead of using any sort of heat for a while, that still won’t correct past damage. Truly, nothing besides cutting off damaged hair is the real solution, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still try the occasional quick fix. That’s why I decided to try the OGX Bonding Plex shampoo and conditioner in order to see if my split ends can look a bit better until I can sneak away to the salon. This product is available at Walgreens and similar retailers for about $7 a piece.

First, I really love the scent of this product. It really smells like a salon, and the scent lingers too. This may not appeal to everyone because it’s a bit chemical-scented, but I really love it for some reason.

The real goal of this product is to improve the cuticle of the hair and bond split ends back together while protecting from future damage. I will say, when I use this product, my hair does feel smoother and softer. However, if I do blow dry my hair, my hair looks a bit frizzy. But if I use these and then let my hair air dry completely, I think the overall texture of my hair is improved.

I do wish that the shampoo was easier to lather. It feels like it takes a lot of product to get the ideal lather going.

Overall, this product is just okay. It makes my hair a bit better but not dramatically so. I like the scent, but that doesn’t make up for other performance issues like a lack of lather. I’m glad I gave it a try, but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one.

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-XO Tiffy

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Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss 

The other day, I got a fun surprise in the mail from Allure: the Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Gloss in Moonglow. This product is available at Sephora and similar retailers for $28.

This is a fantastic gloss! Moonglow is a very soft pink nude shade, which is pretty much universally flattering because it just adds a glossy boost to your natural color. I don’t know how the more dramatic shades perform, but this one really is the perfect neutral.

From a texture standpoint, I love how smooth this gloss it. It’s not sticky at all! I really hate sticky glosses, so I’m thrilled by this one. There’s also a teeny bit of tingle and plumping action, which is a nice bonus. Plus, the scent is very minty, which I love.

Overall, I adore this gloss. It’s definitely a bit pricier than I would normally go for when it comes to a basic, sheer lip gloss, but I’ve still been really enjoying this product!

Have you tried any Marc Jacobs makeup products? What did you think? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

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-XO Tiffy

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Wander Beauty Wanderlust Powder Foundation 

Summer is in full swing, and with this extreme heat has come a change in my skin texture. Every year, it seems like my skin gets very dry in the winter and very oily in the summer, and this year has been no different. As I’ve worked to keep the oil at bay, I’ve found a new favorite powder foundation: the Wander Beauty Wanderlust Powder Foundation. This product can be purchased at Sephora and similar retailers for $40.

I don’t always love powder foundations – they often look cakey and the powder can settle into pores and fine lines. Some also tend to wash me out, which sucks since I’m already so pale. Thankfully, this powder performs like a dream. The texture is very fine, which makes it feel very lightweight. It also applies very smoothly and seems to instantly blur my imperfections. The shade range includes the shade “light” which matches my skin tone perfectly.

This is actually a relatively hydrating powder, which is one of the reasons that I think it balances my skin out so well. The powder absorbs the oil, but the hydrating quality (caused by the aloe ingredient) prevents the product from settling too much and looking overly noticeable.

The coverage of this product is also fantastic. I can’t believe how much one swipe can cover. Occasionally, I use this over a lightweight foundation, but it also works really well by itself. I find that most powder foundations really can’t stand on their own, but this one truly does what it’s supposed to do.

I have no regrets about this purchase, and I definitely plan to repurchase when I’ve used this one up!

Have you tried this product or do you have a favorite powder foundation? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

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-XO Tiffy

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St. Tropez One Night Only Gloss 

I have given up on getting a tan. Over the years, I’ve realized that I must be at least a quarter vampire because really nothing can make me look less cadaverous. I literally repel the sun (I don’t even burn!) Still, sometimes I find myself desiring to look a bit less ghostly, so I was excited when I received a sample of the St. Tropez One Night Only Gloss. This product can be purchased from Sephora and similar retailers for $25.

I have tried self-tanner before. It’s so hard to get even, it always fades in strange ways, and it has a propensity to turn me either orange or yellow. This product, however, isn’t actually self-tanner. It’s a bronze gloss that washes off and doesn’t stain your skin or clothes. Unfortunately, this one was still not a winner for me.

I was glad that I did not look orange with this product, but I also didn’t look bronzed either. It took a huge amount of product to make a difference, and after using a bunch, at best I looked really shiny with a bit of bronze glitter mixed in. The product did smell like plastic though, so I didn’t like how I smelled after I used so much of it.

I will admit that it did not transfer, but that could be because there was very little tint to transfer. Keep in mind, I’m extremely pale, so I imagine that most people could use a ton of this product and not see any difference at all.

I think that this gloss might do a good job at enhancing an existing tan, but it’s not going to do anything to create the illusion of one.

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-XO Tiffy

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Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat 

When doing an at-home manicure, it’s so important to use a base coat and a top coat. The base coat will protect your nails from staining if you’re using a dark color, and it will create a nice, smooth canvas for the nail varnish. The top coat will add some shine to the manicure and will extend the life of the manicure by preventing chipping. Recently, I was walking around Walgreens and I found the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat for only $4, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I loved the concept of this product: why not simplify and have just one bottle that can do both jobs? Unfortunately, this one really fell flat for me.

My biggest complaint about this product is that it takes FOREVER to dry. Every time I used this product, I would try to be as patient as possible and let it dry for over half an hour. However, hours later, I would find strange smudges on the polish. I am not completely certain how this happened, but my theory is that the topcoat re-softens with heat, so you’re susceptible to smudges again after a hot shower or blow drying your hair or doing the dishes.

This has happened to me with other top coats as well, but it doesn’t happen with all of them (The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat and the Seche Vite top coat are two of the best, in case you were wondering).

I was pleased with the level of shine that this top coat offers, but it did not seem to harden the nail or prevent chipping. I frequently still had same-day polish chips, which is just not manageable.

In terms of how this performed as a base coat, it was okay if you applied just a thin layer. It did smooth the nail and, even with very dark polish, there was no staining on the nail bed.

Overall, I was very disappointed with this product, and I won’t be repurchasing. However, I think this might be okay if applied to the nail by itself. After buffing the nail, this would add some shine to enhance a natural nail. It’s also an okay base coat, but I would not recommend this as a top coat over nail polish.

Have you tried this product, or do you have a favorite top coat? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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Red, White, Blue, and Fabulous! 

For my fellow Americans, Happy Independence Day! I hope your day is filled with great food, friends, family, and fireworks! To celebrate, I thought I’d share my favorite patriotic picks from Nordstrom:

First up is the Vince Camuto Elanso Sandal, which retails for $99.95.


Next, we have the Kendra Scott Elisa Birthstone Pendant, which retails for $50.


This gorgeous frock is the Azaelea 3D Lace Fit & Flare Dress, which retails for $495.00


This timeless piece of elegance is the Fossil Jacqueline Bracelet Watch, which retails for $155.


This classic dress is the French Connection Lolo Stretch Sheath Dress, which retails for $108.


If you need a guilty pleasure, here is the Valentino Garavani Rockstud T-Strap Sandal, which retails for an astounding $1145.


More affordably, here’s the Charles Henry Off the Shoulder Dress for $88.


And this functional but chic bag is the Tory Burch Miller Leather Crossbody Bag, which retails for $398.


And finally, we have the Gibson Split Neck Top, which retails for $54.

I hope sparks will fly this Fourth of July, no matter where in the world you are!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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Dior Backstage Cool Eyeshadow Palette 

Eyeshadow palettes are a big seller for cosmetics companies, but I hate when I buy a palette only to discover that I can’t used a significant portion of the colors. Whenever I’m considering buying an eyeshadow palette, I really look at it and make sure that the majority of colors are ones that I could wear pretty frequently. I was so excited when Dior launched their Backstage Makeup Collection, and I was browsing Sephora’s website. I discovered that this collection included a cool-toned shadow palette filled with light pinks, mauves, purples, and taupes. The moment I saw it, I knew that I could rock every single color, so I jumped at the chance to purchase the Dior Backstage Eyeshadow Palette in Cool. This palette is sold for $49 at Sephora and similar retailers.

First, let’s discuss the price. Yes, it’s a really hefty price, especially when you only get 8 shadows and 1 square of primer. Upon reflection, this palette is not worth the price, but I do still really like it for those who have the urge to splurge!

The shadows are gorgeous, and there is a nice variety of both matte and shimmer shades. When choosing eyeshadows in the morning, I have been finding myself grabbing this palette over and over again because these shades are all cool-toned but also neutral. Not only can I use every shade in this palette, but I can also use them daily for a variety of subtle looks. The shades are all pretty buildable, but even when using the darker shades, the looks aren’t going to get more dramatic than maybe a daytime smokey eye. Overall, this palette is a great daily palette with a fun spin on neutral shadows that really enhance the green in my eyes.

I was surprised by the sheer quality of the shades, but as I mentioned, you can build them up until they’re as bold as you want. The texture is pretty consistent for each shadow, and they apply quite smoothly and evenly. I was pleased that none of the shadows seemed chalky or patchy. Rather, there was almost a satiny finish to the shadows.

Now, let’s talk about the built-in primer square. It was not good. I found that using this primer before the shadow did not result in long-wear and there was still quite a bit of creasing by the end of the day. When I used my Urban Decay or Too Faced shadow primers instead, I was much more pleased with the overall look – there was no creasing and the shadows were far more vibrant and long-lasting.

To be honest, I do love this palette even though the price tag was exorbitant. I’ve been looking for another daily palette with purples (since my other daily palette – UD Naked 3 – has more pinks/beiges) and I’ve been pleased with the look of these shades!

Would you consider buying this one? Do you know of any dupes for this palette? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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