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La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation

Foundation makes or breaks the overall look of your makeup. It is the base for everything else. A good foundation will smooth everything and cover minor (or major) flaws. A bad foundation will separate and pill and leave you looking splotchy the later into the day that you get. Recently, I was sent a deluxe sample of the La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation. This product is sold at Nordstrom and similar retailers for $195 (not a typo – just insanely expensive!) for just one ounce of product.

At such a staggering price, I would have expected this product to perform actual miracles on my skin. But the results were literally worse than an $8 bottle of something from Maybelline. I think the best way to describe this foundation is that it was extremely wet. I had a sample that was big enough for maybe 3 or 4 days of wear, but I definitely tried to extend it at first by just using a little bit of the foundation. Still, even with just a thin layer, my skin felt immediately really wet and it never dried down. It just kept getting worse throughout the day and I felt so oily. After maybe three hours, the foundation had separated so much that I looked extremely blotchy. Every single day, I had the same experience. The first day, I wore the foundation on its own, but the subsequent days, I used a variety of finishing powders to combat the oiliness (and none of them helped). To add insult to injury, I was starting to break out pretty bad by the third day too (and it cleared up after a few days of not wearing this foundation).

Now, my skin can get occasionally oily depending on the season, but it’s typically very combination. Because of this, I feel like maybe this foundation would only be appropriate for those with exceptionally dry skin. It’s advertised as being for all skin types though, which I just don’t think is true. I hate to bash a product so completely, but this is one of the worst foundations I’ve tried and I’m just astounded by how a product can be so expensive and so terrible at the same time. Still, it looks like it’s getting great reviews from other people, so maybe my sample was bad or it just performs better on skin that is super parched.

Have you tried this foundation or anything else from La Prairie? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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