Kerastase Discipline Anti-Frizz Smoothing Spray

As I’m searing for the perfect hair products, I’ve been trying out the brand Kerastase. While I don’t care for the price tag, and I’m still not entirely sure it’s worth it, I have enjoyed using the Kerastase Discipline Anti-Frizz Smoothing Spray. This product is sold at Sephora and similar retailers for $37.

First off, I love the smell of this product. It definitely smells like a hair salon mixed with a hint of floral. Also, this has worked wonders at adding shine and combatting frizz in my hair. I typically apply this on wet hair, but it’s light enough that I could use it sparingly on dry hair if I really needed to.

Any time I use this product, I see  a huge difference once my hair is dried. It does weigh the hair down just a bit, so don’t expect any extra volume, but I do love all the extra shine!

Overall, I’m pleased with this product, but I don’t think it’s quite enough for me to repurchase since the price is rather high for a hair product.

What product do you use to add shine and lessen frizz? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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