Fashion Friday: BLANKNYC Meant to Be Moto Jacket with Removable Hood

It looks like Moto jackets are still going to be popular this autumn and winter, which is great since I still have a gorgeous one from Banana Republic. However, while I was looking at Nordstrom, I realized that it might be nice to get one in a fun color that isn’t black, white, or grey. That’s when I spotted the BLANKNYC Meant to Be Moto Jacket with Removable Hood which retails for $98 and comes in this stunning shade of green.

First off, I’m glad the hood is removable because I would definitely want to remove it. The hood looks a bit bulky and makes the jacket look more casual than classy. Either way, I love the edginess that a moto jacket lends to a look (even though it’s subtle). With this green shade, you’d be sure to stand out. Honestly, though, this is a great twist on a neutral. It would still go with pretty much everything since it’s a darker green.

Do you have a favorite moto jacket or is this not the trend for you? Be sure to let me know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!

-XO Tiffy

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